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We believe there is no limit to what your child can achieve. We ignite your child’s curiosity and tell them to reach for their dreams.

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We are committed to maintaining an environment that supports inquiry and academic excellence, emotional and physical well-being, appreciation of the arts and diverse cultures, integrity and ethical behavior.

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Success Stories


De′Ondra Earl-Polk

Mom from Facebook

“One of the best Preschools in Alexandria!! A team of caring and loving staff members that help all scholars (yes, scholars, as thats what they are called here) thrive and love learning. I’m so happy we decided to give them a try! My daughter loves it here!”

Ashley Lippolis Aviles

Parent from Google

Our daughter turned 4 in August 2021 and started attending Excel Prep to smooth the transition between family home daycare and kindergarten. She’s had a great experience at Excel Prep – she adores all the teachers and staff, has made lovely friends, learned so much, and become much more confident and comfortable in group settings. Excel Prep provides all meals and snacks, uses an app to send daily updates and photos to caregivers, seems to be the only place our daughter will willingly nap, and has a very easy drop off/pick up system! Writing this during Teacher Appreciation Week 2022, so wanted to especially thank Ms. Shirra, Ms. Alicia, Ms. Snow, Ms. Saida, and Ms. Alexandria for being such warm, playful, and creative teachers – our daughter loves learning with them and we are always so delighted to hear the new words and ideas they’ve taught her and see all the artwork and activity sheets she brings home! We appreciate the wonderful teachers, staff, students, and parents in the Excel Prep family!

Jennifer S.

Parent from Google

Excel Prep is a wonderful daycare and preschool resource in the Eisenhower Avenue Area. My daughter has been attending Excel since November 2019, shortly after they opened, and I have been very happy with the care and attention she has received since she started in the nursery and continued through to her current classroom. Ms. Helen is responsive to parents concerns and requests to improve the quality of the care provided. Excel uses an app to provide updates, communications, and photos of children during the day to keep parents informed about what their little ones are doing throughout the day. It’s so reassuring to know that I can check in on my child throughout the day to see what she’s doing, and have data on meals, diaper changes, and naps.

The teachers do an excellent job at combining educational activities with play to ensure that even very young children are learning throughout the day. I am continuously impressed by my 2-year-old’s expanding vocabulary, life skills, and ability to count. I was surprised a few days ago as we were driving to hear her from her car seat counting all the way to eight in Spanish (and into the teens in English). The kids do a lot of art activities, science projects, experiment with music, explore outside, and even do some yoga. I know their little brains are like sponges at this age so I really appreciate that she’s being exposed to all kids of learning activities, especially the exposure to foreign languages.

I’m extremely happy with our family’s experience at Excel. My daughter is happy, excited to go to school, making friends, having fun, and continuously learning.

Co-Curricular Activities



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We strive to provide our students with different opportunities for learning  and exploration.